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BPI® Lens Tinting Instruments Safety Information

It is your responsibility as a user of a BPI® Lens Tinting Instrument to understand the MSDS safety information and all instruction materials that relate to BPI® instruments, chemicals, UV dyes and tints.
Check this website regularly for the latest MSDS safety information or call for additional information.
Units must be checked annually by a certified electrician or returned to the factory for inspection.

• Remove lids from tanks before heating.
• Stir and add water to tanks during heat-up and use.
• Do not exceed 210°F as boil-overs may result.
• To avoid boil-overs, change tints regularly.
• Turn the unit off after use.
• Never allow the tanks to run dry.
• Never leave the unit unattended.

BPI® Lens Tinting Instruments have been designed to use BPI® heat transfer fluid* and chemicals. Other products may cause fires, toxic fumes and electrical hazards. Check for proper fluid levels and inspect for contamination.  See the relevant instruction manual for other maintenance items.
* EXCEPT Turbo Tinter™ 1, 2 & 4.

• For use by qualified personnel only.
• For use in a laboratory or business only.
• Indoor use only.
• High temperatures. Restrict access.
• Use only BPI® products.

BPI® Turbo Tinter™ (1, 2 & 4)
In addition to the information above: All temperature probes must be connected at all times and installed in beakers before the power is turned on. Always maintain adequate fluid levels in all beakers. Use only BPI® Products. Read and understand all safety and instructional manuals. The user is responsible for maintaining this system to the latest electrical and safety operational standards.
Neutralizer: Use BPI® H2O Neutralizer™ only in these systems.
UV Dye: Use BPI® Crystal Clear only in these systems.
Do not use at altitudes higher than 6561 feet (2000 meters).